Length of lines

Dorico Pro automatically calculates the appropriate length for both horizontal and vertical lines.

  • The length of horizontal lines is determined by the rhythmic duration of the line. Horizontal lines with different attachment types are positioned differently, which can affect their graphical length. For example, barline-attached lines can appear longer than rhythmic position-attached lines with the same duration.

  • The length of vertical lines is determined by the pitch range of notes in the voices/staves to which the line applies. Dorico Pro automatically adjusts the length of vertical lines if pitches change or you add notes to, or delete notes from, chords.

You can lengthen/shorten both horizontal and vertical lines; for example, if you want an individual vertical line to extend above the top note in a chord.

You can change the default gaps at the start and end of horizontal lines, and between horizontal lines and other items, on the Lines page in Engraving Options.