Customizing page templates

You can customize page templates according to your needs in the page template editor. Changing a page template affects the appearance of all pages in all layouts that use that page template.

  • You must specify the page size, orientation, margins, and staff size of layouts on the Page Setup page in Layout Options.

  • Page templates based on existing page templates are linked to their Based on page template. Any changes you make to frames shared between the page templates affect both page templates, for example, changing the text in an existing text frame. Deleting frames and inputting new ones breaks this link.


  • The right zone is shown.

  • If you want to customize a new page template, rather than the default page templates, you have added a new page template to the appropriate page template set.


  1. In the Pages panel, double-click a page template in the Page Templates section to open the page template editor.
  2. Change the layout of one of the pages of the selected page template.

    For example, you can change the size and shape of frames.

  3. Optional: If you want both the left and right pages to be the same, click one of the following Copy Page Layout buttons at the top of the music area, depending on which page you changed:
    • Left to Right

    • Right to Left

      • This copies the page template layout exactly from one page to the other, not as a mirror. For example, text frames for page numbers are not kept on the outside edge automatically.

      • Frames copied between right/left pages are linked, including the contents of text frames. Deleting frames and inputting new ones breaks this link.

  4. Click Apply, then Close.


The selected page template is changed. If you customized an existing page template, all existing pages without page template overrides that use the page template are automatically updated accordingly.