Resetting instrument names

You can reset all your changes to the names of individual instruments and revert them to the current default settings for their instrument type.


Resetting instrument names does not change the name shown at the top of part layouts. If you want to change the name used at the top of part layouts, rename the layout.


  1. In the Players panel, click the disclosure arrow in the card of the player holding the instrument whose names you want to reset.

    This expands the card to show the instruments held by the player.

  2. Click the arrow that appears in the instrument label when you hover over it and choose Edit Names to open the Edit Instrument Names dialog.
  3. Click Reset to Default.
  4. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog.


The instrument names for the selected instrument are reset to the current default settings for its instrument type. If you changed the default name for the instrument type or the instrument name language setting after adding the instrument, resetting its names changes them to your new default names and language setting.


You can assign a key command for Reset Instrument Names on the Key Commands page in Preferences, which resets all instrument names in the project to their default settings.