Using Supported MIDI Controllers with MIDI Remote

The layout and the functions of supported MIDI controllers, that is, controllers with a script, are shown on the MIDI Remote tab in the lower zone of the Project window.


If you have previously used an earlier version of Cubase, and if you already set up your MIDI controller using Generic Remote, Track Quick Controls or VST Quick Controls, open the Studio Setup dialog, open the MIDI Port Setup page. Set the corresponding MIDI ports to Not Connected. This ensures that no double mappings occur when the MIDI Remote functionality automatically detects those MIDI controllers on connection.


Some of the supported MIDI controllers require additional settings to work with Cubase. To open a document with the necessary information, open the MIDI Remote tab, and click Open Setup Information in the upper right corner of the MIDI controller surface.


  1. Connect your MIDI controller to your computer.
  2. In the lower zone of the Project window, click MIDI Remote.
  3. Optional: If you have connected several supported MIDI controllers, click the controller surface that you want to use in the MIDI controllers overview.


In the MIDI Remote tab, the layout and the functions of the connected MIDI controller are displayed. Here, you can also see which Cubase functions are mapped to controls on your MIDI controller.