The application programming interface MIDI Remote API allows you to develop a script, that is, a device driver for dedicated MIDI controllers.

Scripts describe the layout and the order of the controls of a specific MIDI controller. They include factory mappings to Cubase parameters.

Cubase comes with scripts for a number of MIDI controllers. If you connect one of these controllers, it is automatically detected and displayed on the MIDI Remote tab.

If no script is available for your controller, we encourage you to write one. Refer to the description in the MIDI Remote API - Programmer's Guide.


To access the MIDI Remote API - Programmer's Guide, right-click the info line on the MIDI Remote tab, activate the Scripting Tools, and click Open MIDI Remote API - Programmer's Guide.


If you do not have any programming skills, you can use the MIDI Controller Surface Editor to create a surface editor script for your MIDI controller.