Tracks and Channels

Tracks are the building blocks of your project. They allow you to import, add, record, and edit parts and events. Tracks are listed from top to bottom in the track list and extend horizontally across the Project window. Channels can be shown for all audio-related and MIDI-related tracks.


If you select a track in the Project window, the controls, settings, and parameters that are displayed in the Inspector and in the track list allow you to control the track.

A full overview of all added tracks listed from top to bottom is shown in the track list.


All audio-related and MIDI-related tracks, that is, audio tracks, instrument tracks, sampler tracks, group channel tracks, FX channel tracks, and MIDI tracks are assigned to a particular channel that can be displayed on the Channel tab. The Channel tab represents a MixConsole channel, and the handling and usability is similar. The Channel tab, however, shows only the sections that correspond to the channel of the selected track.

A full overview of the corresponding audio-related and MIDI-related channels listed from left to right is provided in the MixConsole.