The MixConsole provides a common environment for producing mixes in stereo or surround. It allows you to control level, pan, solo/mute status, etc. for audio and MIDI channels. Furthermore, you can set up the input and output routing for multiple tracks or channels at the same time. You can undo/redo MixConsole parameter changes for an open project at any time.

You can open multiple MixConsole windows.

  • You can configure the individual MixConsole windows so that each one shows different channel types, for example.

  • You can link multiple MixConsole windows so that you can display all channels that are visible in the fader section in different windows on different monitors, for example, while the scrollbars and other elements are linked.

You can open the MixConsole in a separate window or in the lower zone of the Project window.

While the MixConsole in the lower zone of the Project window features the key functions for mixing, the separate MixConsole window gives you access to additional functions and settings.