Batch Conversion Dialog

This dialog allows you to convert the file format of a group of audio files.

  • To open the Batch Conversion dialog, select File > Tools > Batch Conversion.

Add File

Opens a dialog, where you can select files to add to the list.

Remove Selected Files

Removes the selected item from the list.

Files to Convert

Shows the list of files to convert.

Output Tab


Allows you to specify the folder in which the converted files are saved.

File Format

Allows you to open the Audio File Format dialog, where you can set the file format.

Options Tab

Auto Start When Dropping Files

If this option is activated, the conversion starts automatically when you drag a file into the list.

Auto Remove Converted Files

If this option is activated, a file is removed from the list once it is successfully converted. Otherwise, it remains in the list with a green mark indicating its status.

Stop on Error

If this option is activated, the global process stops if an error is encountered. If this option is deactivated, the file associated with the error is marked in red, and the next file is processed.

Multitasking Tab

Usage of Processor Cores

Allows you to select how many cores to use simultaneously. The content of this pop-up menu depends on your computer hardware.