Note Expression MIDI Setup Dialog

The Note Expression MIDI Setup dialog allows you to specify exactly which MIDI messages are used every time you record MIDI control change messages as note expression data or you convert them.

  • To open the Note Expression MIDI Setup dialog, select MIDI > Note Expression > Note Expression MIDI Setup.

The following options are available:


Activates MIDI control change messages. Specify the MIDI control change messages that you want to use in the list below.


MIDI controller data for deactivated MIDI control change messages will end up on the controller lane.


Activates pitchbend data.


Activates aftertouch data.

Poly Pressure

Activates poly pressure data.

Controller Catch Range

Allows you to enter a controller catch range in ticks. This is useful to associate control change messages with a note, even if they were sent slightly before the note-on message.

Load Default

Allows you to load the default settings.

Save as Default

Allows you to save the current settings as default settings.