The ADR section of the Markers window/ADR window allows you to perform ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and language dubbing tasks.

Sometimes, it is necessary to re-record dialogue from production tracks or to dub them in a different language. When you do this, the original takes are played back to enable the dubbing actor to listen to the original production track as a guide. The actor can then rehearse the dialogue and re-record it. These tasks can be performed with the ADR functions, which can be found in the ADR section, at the bottom of the Markers window/ADR window.

  • To display the Markers window/ADR window with the ADR section open, select Project > ADR.

Nuendo provides ADR-specific transport functions (ADR statuses), which use position and cycle markers to define start and end points. You can choose from different ADR modes, automatic and Free Run mode, to suit your workflow.

The application programming interface ADR API allows third-party ADR systems to establish a remote connection to Nuendo and interact with its ADR functionality.