Creating Side-Chain Connections From Multiple Inputs

For plug-ins that support multiple side-chain inputs, you can create side-chain connections coming from multiple side-chain inputs of that plug-in.


Your effect plug-in supports several side-chain inputs. You can use the Squasher plug-in, for example, that supports up to 3 side-chain inputs.

You can also use Frequency 2 that supports up to 8 side-chain inputs.


  1. In the Project window, select an audio track.
  2. In the track list, click Edit Channel Settings.

    The Channel Settings window for the audio channel opens.

  3. In the Inserts section, click the first insert slot on the Inserts tab, and from the selector select the effect plug-in that supports several side-chain inputs.

    The selected insert effect is loaded and activated, and the audio is routed through it. The effect control panel opens.

  4. On the effect control panel, click Set up Side-Chain Routing.
  5. In the Side-Chain Routing panel, click Select the Plug-in Side-Chain Input, and from the pop-up menu, select the plug-in input for which you want to add a side-chain source.

    The number of available side-chain inputs depends on the plug-in.

  6. Click Add Side-Chain Source and select a source from the pop-up menu.
  7. Optional: Repeat the steps above to activate more plug-in inputs.
  8. Adjust the effect plug-in as required and do not forget to activate the corresponding side-chain inputs.


The number of possible side-chain inputs determines the number of bands that can be controlled by side-chain sources.