Playing back Pattern Pads

You can play back pattern pads using the MIDI Player or the Style Player. The MIDI player allows you to play and modify one pattern. The style player offers a variety of patterns, suited to create the different sections of your drum tracks.


  1. Load an Acoustic Agent SE kit.
  2. Open the Pattern page and click on an empty pattern pad.

    If a pattern pad is empty, it also plays the instrument sound.

  3. To activate the pattern pad and make it play the pattern, open the Edit page in the right section of the plug-in panel and click Pad On/Off in the top right so that it lights up.
  4. Click the Use Style button to activate the style player, and select a style from the Select Style pop-up menu.
  5. Adjust the tempo in the DAW to match the tempo of the style.

    The original tempo of the style is indicated by the second number in the file name of the style and in the value field to the right of the Select Style pop-up menu.

  6. Click the Play button in the transport section to play back the style.
  7. Try out different Quantize and Swing settings, move the Complexity slider, select a main pattern, a fill, an ending, etc., and listen to the results.
  8. Keep the settings as they are and select different styles on the Pattern Library pop-up menu in the Pattern section to compare the sound and to find the style that you want to use.