Editing Patterns in the DAW

When you have created MIDI parts from your Groove Agent SE patterns, you can further edit the parts in the DAW.


You have assigned a MIDI track in your DAW to Groove Agent SE.

You have dragged your patterns to this track.


  1. In the Inspector of your Steinberg DAW, open the Drum Map pop-up menu for the track and select Create Drum Map from Instrument.

    This creates a drum map based on the information about the used drum sounds in Groove Agent SE.

  2. Open the part in the Drum Editor.

    The editor displays the correct drum names in the drum names list on the left. In the event display on the right, the MIDI notes are shown.

  3. Set up the pattern by deleting or entering notes, by copying or moving notes, etc.

    For information about how to edit notes and controllers in the Drum Editor, refer to the Operation Manual for your Steinberg DAW.