Recording Trigger Notes for Your Patterns

When you use Groove Agent SE in a DAW project, you can record trigger notes at the positions where you want to trigger the patterns. This allows you to create the drums for your project on the fly, in the project context.


You have created a project in your DAW to which you want to add a drum track.

You have added a MIDI track that is assigned to Groove Agent SE.


  1. In Groove Agent SE, set up the MIDI patterns or styles for your drum track.
  2. In the DAW, record-enable the MIDI track and start playback of your project.
  3. Record the trigger notes at the positions in the project where you want to hear the drums.


When you now play back the project, the trigger notes trigger the pattern playback. You can automate parameters like Complexity and Intensity from within the DAW. Any changes that you make to a pattern in Groove Agent SE are automatically reflected in all occurrences of this pattern in the project.