Project window in Write mode

The project window in Write mode contains toolboxes and panels with the tools and functions required to write your music.

You can switch to Write mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-2.

  • In the toolbar, click Write.

  • Choose Window > Write.

  • In Setup mode or Engrave mode, double-click in the music area.


    You can disable this option in Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Editing.

Toolboxes and zones in Write mode

The following zones and toolboxes are available in Write mode:

  1. Notes toolbox

    Contains tools that affect note input and editing.

  2. Left zone

    Contains the Notes panel. The Notes panel provides the note durations, accidentals, and articulations that are most commonly used during note input.

  3. Right zone

    Can display different panels, according to the current selection in the Notations toolbox. Panels in the right zone contain notation items that you can add to your music, such as dynamics and playing techniques, divided into separate categories.

  4. Notations toolbox

    Contains either panel or popover buttons, depending on whether Panels or Popovers is active.

    Allows you to show panels for different notations in the right zone, open popovers, and input certain items directly, such as rehearsal marks and text.

  5. Lower zone

    Can display different panels, according to the current selection in the lower zone toolbar. Panels in the lower zone include the Properties panel, which allows you to make individual modifications to the currently selected notes and notations, and the Keyboard panel, which allows you to input notes.