Lower zone (Write mode)

The lower zone in Write mode can display different panels for inputting notes and editing notes/items.

You can hide/show the lower zone in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-8.

  • Click the disclosure arrow at the bottom of the main window.

  • Choose Window > Show Lower Zone.

You can use the panel selectors in the top left of the lower zone to display the corresponding panel:


Shows the Properties panel, which allows you to edit individual notes and notations, such as by changing their appearance or position.


Shows the Keyboard panel, which allows you to input notes using a piano keyboard layout and displays the pitches of selected notes as depressed keys.


Shows the Fretboard panel, which allows you to input notes for fretted instruments using the corresponding fretboard layout for the selected instrument type.

Drum Pads

Shows the Drum Pads panel, which allows you to input notes for unpitched percussion instruments using a drum pads layout.


Shows the Mixer panel, which allows you to control the sounds produced in playback by instruments in the project, both for the master output and each individual instrument’s channel.

Key Editor

Shows the Key Editor panel, which allows you to view and edit notes belonging to the selected instrument in a continuous piano roll.

Video tutorial about lower zone panels (English)