Tacet is the indication used to show that a player does not play anything in an entire flow, which might be a movement in a symphony or cue in a film score. In Dorico Pro, you can generate tacets automatically.

Dorico Pro shows tacets for flows in part layouts when the following conditions are met:

  • You have removed the player from the flows in which they do not play.

  • The flows are assigned to the part layout.

  • The flows are assigned to the page template frame chain in the part layout.

  • You have chosen to show tacets in the part layout.

Figure 1. An extract of a part layout where the player is tacet in the second flow

In Engrave mode, tacets behave like systems, meaning they have their own staff spacing handle when Staff Spacing is activated. This allows you to move individual tacets and their flow headings upwards/downwards. You can also insert system and frame breaks at the start of tacets.


We do not recommend that you use Copy Staff Spacing and Lock Frame on pages where tacets are the first or last system in frames. Because tacets do not contain any bars, Dorico Pro cannot insert system or frame breaks at the ends of tacets in order to lock the frame contents.

You can change the text shown in tacets and the margin above/below them in each layout independently.

You can further customize the project-wide appearance and design of tacets by editing the Tacet paragraph style in the Paragraph Styles dialog.

Video tutorial about tacets (English)