Staff spacing

The vertical positioning of staves and systems within frames is known as staff spacing. Staff spacing calculations consider the height of staves and the necessary gaps between staves and systems.

You can change staff spacing in your project at different levels:

  • Change the default staff spacing in each layout in Layout Options.

  • Change the staff spacing between individual staves.

  • We recommend adjusting the default staff spacing values and/or changing the staff size in layouts before moving individual staves, as in most cases Dorico Pro produces suitable results without the need to move individual staves.

  • We recommend that you add extra pages and finish laying out your pages before moving individual staves. Individual staff spacing changes are automatically deleted if the frame in which they occur changes.

  • Moving individual staves/systems vertically does not affect the casting off. If you want to show more/fewer systems in a frame, you can change the casting off by, for example, using frame breaks or setting a fixed number of systems per frame.

Video tutorial about staff spacing (English)