Assigning flows to layouts

By default, all flows in your project are added to all full score and part layouts. You can assign flows to and remove flows from layouts manually; for example, if a flow in your project contains specific performance instructions for strings that you want to show in string part layouts but not in other part layouts.


  1. In Setup mode, in the Layouts panel, select the layout whose assigned flows you want to change.
  2. In the Flows panel, activate the checkbox in the flow card of each flow you want to assign to the layout.

    You can Shift-click to activate/deactivate the checkboxes in multiple flow cards at once.


Flows are assigned to the selected layout when the checkbox in their flow card is activated, and removed from the layout when the checkbox is deactivated.

Dorico Pro automatically creates enough pages and frames to display the flows assigned to both the layout and the layout’s page template frame chain.