Allowing/Disallowing breaks within bars

You can choose whether or not to allow Dorico Pro to insert system/frame breaks within bars. For example, you might disallow breaks within bars when formatting lead sheets that only require breaks at barlines.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-, to open Preferences.
  2. In the category list, click Note Input and Editing.
  3. In the Note Input section, activate/deactivate Snap system and frame breaks to barlines when creating in the Breaks subsection.
  4. Click Apply, then Close.


System/Frame breaks are allowed within bars when the option is activated, and disallowed when it is deactivated.

When breaks are disallowed within bars, inserted breaks snap to the barline before the earliest selected item. When making systems/frames from selections, the first break snaps to the barline before the earliest selected item while the second break snaps to the barline after the last selected item.