Creating layouts

You can create any number of full score, custom score, and part layouts in each project. By default, Dorico Pro creates a single full score layout and a part layout for each player.


  • In Setup mode, in the Layouts panel, click one of the following layout types:
    • Add Full Score Layout

    • Add Instrumental Part Layout

    • Add Custom Score Layout


The layout is added to the list of layouts in the Layouts panel.

  • Layouts are not available in the layout selector until you have assigned at least one player to them.

  • You can also add new custom score layouts by pressing Shift-L.

After Completing This Task

  • You can assign players and flows to the layout.

  • If you want to change the position of the new layout in the layouts list, you can reorder and renumber layouts.

  • You can override the clef and/or transposition for the layout; for example, to show the music of the same player with different clefs/transpositions in different layouts.