Instrument tracks

Instrument tracks allow you to preview notes belonging to the corresponding instrument and select the instrument you want to show in the Key Editor.

Each instrument in the project has its own instrument track in Play mode, including when a single player holds multiple instruments. Instrument tracks are labeled using the full instrument name set for each instrument.

When independent voice playback is enabled, each voice belonging to the corresponding instrument appears as a separate voice track below the instrument track.

Instruments are automatically assigned a color according to their player order in the current layout, so that you can tell them apart more easily. This color is used consistently for the corresponding instrument, including in the Mixer and Key Editor.

When an instrument track is selected in the track overview, you can do the following:

  • View and edit its notes and data in the Key Editor panel, if it is unlocked.

  • Use the Track Inspector to change the routing of the track.

Figure 1. Piano instrument track with two voice tracks below

Each instrument track comprises the following:

  1. Track name

    Shows the name of the track.

    • Instrument tracks display the full instrument name set for the instrument.

    • Voice tracks display the stem direction and number of the corresponding voice. For instruments with multiple staves, the staff of the corresponding voice is also included.

  2. Mute /Solo buttons

    Allow you to mute/solo the track. Shown in track headers when tracks are sufficiently tall, and at the top of the track overview when tracks appear short. They apply to the corresponding track when shown in track headers, and the selected track when shown at the top of the track overview.

  3. Track preview

    Displays a preview of notes belonging to the instrument.