Velocity editor

The velocity editor allows you to view and edit the velocity of notes belonging to the instruments/voices shown in the Key Editor. It is located in the Key Editor in the lower zone.

  • You can show the Velocity editor by adding an editor to the Key Editor, then selecting Velocity from the editor menu.

Velocity is often used to control the dynamics of non-sustaining instruments.

Velocity editor with elements labelled

The Velocity editor comprises the following:

  1. Editor header

    Contains the following options:

    • Editor menu: Allows you to change the MIDI controller or editor type shown in the editor. MIDI controllers into which you have already input points appear in the first menu level.

    • Velocity edit scope: Allows you to change the scope of changes you make to velocity values. Only available when Draw , Line , or Transform is selected in the Key Editor panel toolbar.

      • All notes: Allows you to edit the velocity of all notes shown in the Velocity editor.

      • Selection: Allows you to edit the velocity of selected notes only.

    • Histogram : Shows the Histogram tool in the editor.

  2. Splitter

    Allows you to change the height of the editor by clicking and dragging. If multiple editors are open, this affects the height of the editors either side of the splitter.

  3. Velocity bars

    Velocities appear as vertical bars in the Velocity editor. Every note has its own velocity bar and a velocity value. When multiple notes exist at the same rhythmic position, such as in chords, the velocities for all notes appear stacked on top of each other, ordered by their value.

    Velocity bars with higher values appear with bolder colors.

    You can select velocity bars directly in the Velocity editor or by selecting their corresponding notes, in either the piano roll editor, percussion editor, or music area.

    • Clicking and dragging velocity bars causes a read-out to appear temporarily, showing their value.

    • You can use the Histogram and Transform tools to change velocity values.