Histogram controls

Histogram controls allow you to change velocity and MIDI CC values on a large scale, in different ways.

  • You can access Histogram controls when the Histogram tool is shown in the Key Editor.


Represents the center point of values. Allows you to move all displayed values to the right/left. This maintains explicit gaps between values.


Proportionally scales values. This maintains proportional relationships between values; that is, gaps between values widen when you scale multiply to the right, and narrow when you scale multiply to the left.


Spreads out values to both the right and left of the center point.

Lower Limit

Represents the lowest value. Allows you to raise low values.

Upper Limit

Represents the highest value. Allows you to lower high values.


Allows you to randomize values by clicking on the button and dragging upwards/downwards. The higher your mouse pointer, the wider and more extreme the randomization. Randomization uses standard distribution on an approximate bell-shape.