Notes panel

The Notes panel contains buttons that allow you to select note and rest durations, and to input accidentals, slurs, and articulations. It is located on the left of the window in Write mode.

You can hide/show the Notes panel in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-7.

  • Click the disclosure arrow on the left edge of the main window.

  • Choose Window > Show Left Panel.

The upper part of the Notes panel contains note durations that you can select for input or to change the duration of existing notes. By default, only the most common note durations are shown. You can see all note durations by clicking the Show/Hide All Notes disclosure arrows at the top and bottom of the section.

In the middle part of the Notes panel, you can activate/deactivate accidentals and activate slurs. However, you cannot deactivate slurs, you must delete them.

In the bottom part of the Notes panel, you can activate/deactivate articulations.