Splitting flows

You can split flows at specific rhythmic positions. Flows in Dorico Pro are independent of each other, meaning they can contain different players, have different time signatures and key signatures, and have different options for notations, including note grouping and accidental duration rules.


The layout currently open in the music area contains all players with music in the flow, such as a full score layout.


We strongly recommend only splitting flows in layouts that contain all players.


  1. In Write mode, select a note or item at the position where you want to split the flow.
  2. Choose Write > Split Flow.


The flow is split into two flows: the existing flow and a new flow that begins from the position of the item you selected. By default, new flows in full score layouts start on a new page in page view and are shown on a separate background in galley view.

After Completing This Task

You can set options for each flow independently in the Notation Options dialog.