Inputting markers in the Markers track

You can input markers directly into the Markers track in Play mode.


The Markers track is shown.


  1. In Play mode, move the playhead to the time position where you want to input a marker.

    You cannot input markers in negative time, such as when a video starts three bars into the flow, causing the initial timecode of the flow to be in negative time.

  2. In the Markers track header, click Add Marker to open the Add Marker dialog.
  3. Enter the marker text you want into the Text field.
  4. Optional: Change the timecode in the Timecode field.
  5. Click OK to input the marker and close the dialog.


A marker is input at the position of the playhead. It shows the text you entered, or the default text “Marker” if you did not change the marker text.


Figure 1. Marker in the Markers track