Inputting glissando lines with the popover

You can input glissando lines between existing notes using the ornaments popover. You can input glissando lines between both adjacent/non-adjacent notes.


You cannot input glissando lines during step input.


  1. In Write mode, select one of the following:
    • The note from which you want a glissando line to start.

    • Any two notes that you want to join with a glissando line.


      The two notes can be in different voices.

  2. Press Shift-O to open the ornaments popover.
  3. Enter the appropriate entry for the glissando line you want into the popover.
    • Enter gliss for a straight glissando line.

    • Enter glisswavy for a wavy glissando line.

  4. Press Return to close the popover.


If you selected two notes, the glissando line specified is input between the selected notes.

If you selected a single note, the glissando line specified starts from the selected note and ends at the next note on the staff, even if this crosses rests.

  • You cannot input a glissando line on the last note on a staff.

  • Glissando lines do not automatically adjust around any notes or rests between the selected notes. If glissando text is shown, the text can collide with notes or rests, in which case we recommend that you make further adjustments, such as not showing glissando text for that glissando line.