Inputting rehearsal marks

You can input rehearsal marks with the mouse and the keyboard. You can input rehearsal marks during step input and later by adding them to existing music.


These steps describe inputting with the default mouse input preference Create item at selection.


  1. In Write mode, do one of the following:
    • Start note input.

    • Select an item at the rhythmic position where you want to input a rehearsal mark. For example, a barline or a note.


      You can only input one rehearsal mark at a time, even if multiple items are selected.

  2. Press Shift-A.

    Alternatively, you can click Rehearsal Marks in the Notations toolbox.


A rehearsal mark is input at the selected barline, or at the rhythmic position of the start of a note, a rest, or an object.

The order of rehearsal marks is updated automatically, meaning you can input them in any order, including before and between existing rehearsal marks.