Ornaments panel

The Ornaments panel allows you to input all the different types of ornaments, incuding jazz articulations, as well as arpeggio signs and glissando lines.

  • You can hide/show the Ornaments panel by clicking Ornaments in the Notations toolbox on the right of the window in Write mode.

    You can also hide/show the panel whose icon is currently selected in the Notations toolbox by pressing Ctrl/Cmd-9 or clicking the disclosure arrow on the right of the window.

The Ornaments panel contains the following sections:


Contains ornaments and pitch alterations commonly used in jazz music, such as bends, scoops, and falls.

Baroque and Classical

Contains ornaments commonly used in Baroque and Classical music, such as mordents, turns, and trills.


Contains the different types of arpeggio signs.


You cannot input arpeggio signs with the mouse during step input.


Contains the different types of glissando lines.