Inputting slurs

You can input slurs, both during step input and by adding them to existing notes. You can also add slurs to existing notes in multiple staves at the same time.


  1. In Write mode, do one of the following:
    • Start note input.

    • Select the notes to which you want to add slurs.

      • You can select notes in multiple staves and input slurs on them at the same time.

      • If you only select a single note, the slur connects that note to the next note on the staff.

  2. Press S.

    Alternatively, click Slur in the Notes panel, and then click and drag to input a slur and extend it to your preferred length.

  3. Optional: During step input, input the notes you want.

    The slur extends automatically, even if there are rests between the notes you input.

  4. Optional: During step input, press Shift-S to end the slur on the currently selected note.


During step input, a slur begins from the currently selected note, not from the caret position. The slur extends automatically as you input notes, and ends on the currently selected note.

When adding slurs to existing notes, the selected notes are connected by slurs. For example, if you select two notes in one staff and two notes in another staff, two slurs are input. They connect the notes on each selected staff.