Activating ReWire channels

ReWire supports streaming of up to 256 (Cubase Artist: 128) separate audio channels. The exact number of available ReWire channels depends on the synthesizer application. Using the ReWire Device panels in Cubase, you can specify which of the available channels you want to use.


  1. Open the Devices menu and select the menu item with the name of the ReWire application. All recognized ReWire compatible applications will be available on the menu.

    The ReWire panel appears. This consists of a number of rows, one for each available ReWire channel.

  2. Click on the power buttons to the left to activate/deactivate the desired channels.

    The buttons light up to indicate activated channels. Please note that the more ReWire channels you activate, the more processing power is required.

    For information about exactly what signal is carried on each channel, refer to the documentation of the synthesizer application.

  3. If desired, double-click on the labels in the right column, and type in another name.

    These labels will be used in the Cubase MixConsole to identify the ReWire channels.