The ASIO-Guard allows you to shift as much processing as possible from the ASIO realtime path to the ASIO-Guard processing path. This results in a more stable system.

The ASIO-Guard allows you to preprocess all channels as well as VST instruments that do not need to be calculated in realtime. This leads to less dropouts, the ability to process more tracks or plug-ins, and the ability to use smaller buffer sizes.

ASIO-Guard Latency

High ASIO-Guard levels lead to an increased ASIO-Guard latency. When you adjust a volume fader, for example, you will hear the parameter changes with a slight delay. The ASIO-Guard latency, in contrast to the latency of the audio hardware, is independant from live input.


The ASIO-Guard cannot be used for:

  • Realtime-dependent signals

  • External effects and instruments


If you select Devices > Plug-in Manager and click Show Plug-in Information, you can deactivate the ASIO-Guard option for selected plug-ins.

If you activate the monitoring for an input channel, a MIDI or a VST instrument channel, the audio channel and all dependent channels are automatically switched from ASIO-Guard to realtime processing and vice versa. This results in a gentle fade out and fade in of the audio channel.