Freeze MIDI Modifiers

“Freeze MIDI Modifiers” applies all filter settings permanently to the selected track. The settings are “added” to the events on the track, and all modifiers are set to zero. The “Freeze MIDI Modifiers” function affects the following settings for MIDI tracks:

  • Several settings in the topmost section of the Inspector (program and bank selection and the Delay parameter).

  • The settings in the MIDI Modifiers section (i. e. Transpose, Velocity Shift, Velocity Compression, and Length Compression).

  • The settings in the MIDI Inserts section (for example, if you are using an arpeggiator and want to convert the added notes to real events).

The following settings for MIDI parts are taken into account as well:

  • The Transpose and Velocity settings for parts displayed on the info line – the Volume setting is not taken into account.