Profiles (Cubase Pro only)

Profiles allow you to save customized program settings and preferences. You can switch between profiles, and import and export your profiles for use on different computers.

Profiles are helpful if you work on different computers if you use different settings for different kinds of projects, or in a studio environment where several users work on the same computer. Profiles are saved as files with file name extension .srf.

Profiles include the following:

  • Preferences

  • Toolbar settings for all windows

  • Global workspaces

  • Track control settings

  • Track control presets

  • Presets for input and output busses

  • Plug-in collections

  • Quantize presets

  • Crossfade presets

  • Key commands

All changes done for these settings are saved in the active profile.


The following is not included in profiles: Settings in the Device Setup dialog and in the VST Connections window, presets in the Studio tab of the VST Connections window, track presets, plug-in presets, and project templates.