FX Channel Tracks

You can use FX channel tracks as routing destinations for audio sends. The audio is sent to the FX channel and through any insert effects set up for it.

  • You can add several insert effects to an FX channel.

    The signal passes through the effects in series, from the top downward.

  • You can rename FX channel tracks as any other tracks.

  • You can add automation tracks to FX channel tracks.

    This allows you for automating various effect parameters.

  • You can route the effect return to any output bus.

  • You can adjust the FX channel in the MixConsole.

    This includes adjusting the effect return level, the balance, and the EQ.

When you add an FX channel track, you can select if FX channel tracks are created inside or outside a dedicated folder. If you select Create Inside Folder, FX channel tracks are shown in a dedicated folder.

This allows for better overview and editing of the FX channel tracks.


By folding FX channel folders you can save screen space.