The General page contains general settings that affect the program user interface. You can set the parameters so that they suit your working style.

Enable HiDPI (Windows only)

Enables the appropriate resolution to ensure that the display of the Cubase user interface is sharp and precise on high resolution displays with supported scaling factors of 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, and 200%.


Other scaling factors, such as 133%, are not supported.

The Application Scaling menu allows you to scale the Cubase user interface relative to the Windows system scaling setting.


On macOS, you can disable HiDPI support in the Cubase application folder by invoking Get Info and checking Open in Low Resolution.

Usage Logger Options

If you activate this option, Cubase gathers usage information and writes it in a log file that you can find at the following location:

  • On Windows: \Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Steinberg\usagelogger

    On macOS: /Users/<user name>/Library/Logs/Steinberg/usagelogger

Activating this option to write such a file and then sending the file to the Steinberg support team can be useful if Cubase crashes and the crash dump files do not reveal enough information.

By default, Enable Usage Logging is deactivated. We recommend that you deactivate it when you no longer need it.

Show News in Hub

Allows you to show/hide the News section in the Hub.


Allows you to select the language displayed in the application. After switching the language, you must restart Cubase for the change to take effect.

Auto Save

Automatically saves backup copies of all open projects with unsaved changes. The backup files are named Name.bak, where “Name” corresponds to the name of the project. The backup copies are saved in the project folder. Backup copies of unsaved projects are named #UntitledX.bak, where “X” is an incremental number, so you can save multiple backup copies in the same project folder.

Auto Save Interval

Allows you to specify how often a backup copy is created.

Maximum Backup Files

Allows you to specify the number of backup files to be created. As soon as the maximum number of backup files is reached, the existing files are overwritten, starting with the oldest file.

Show Tips

Displays an explanatory tooltip when you position the mouse pointer over an icon or button in Cubase.

Maximum Undo Steps

Allows you to specify the number of undo steps.

Run Setup on Create New Project

Opens the Project Setup dialog, every time you create a new project.

Open Projects in Last Used View

Allows you to determine which window layout and settings are used when you open a project on this computer.

  • Never

    All projects are opened with the window layout as when they were saved.

  • Only External Projects

    Projects from a different computer are opened with the last window layout used on this computer. Projects from this computer are opened with the window layout as when they were saved.

  • Always

    All projects are opened with the last window layout used on this computer.

Open Last Project on Startup

Opens the most recently saved project when you start Cubase.