Controller Display

The controller display is the area at the bottom of the Key Editor, the Drum Editor, and the In-Place Editor.

To show the controller display, do one of the following:

  • Open the Controller Lane Setup pop-up menu in the Key Editor, the Drum Editor, or the In-Place Editor, and select Show/Hide Controller Lanes.

  • On the Key Editor or the Drum Editor toolbar, click Set up Window Layout, and activate Controller Lanes.

The following options are available:

  1. Note display

    Contains a grid in which MIDI notes are displayed as boxes.

  2. Controller Selection and Functions menu

    Allows you to select which controller type is displayed, and contains editing functions for controller lanes and events.

  3. Divider

    Drag the divider between the note display and the controller display to resize the display areas.

  4. Controller display

    Shows one or multiple controller lanes.

  5. Controller events

    The controller display shows the added controller events of the selected controller type and their current values. Controller events have no length. Their values are valid until the start of the next event.

    Velocity values are displayed as vertical bars, with higher bars corresponding to higher velocity values. Each velocity bar corresponds to a note in the note display.

    All other controller events are shown as steps, with heights corresponding to the values of the events.

  6. Create Controller Lane

    Allows you to add controller lanes so that you can view and edit different controllers at the same time. Each controller lane can display one of the following properties or event types:

    • Velocity

    • Pitchbend

    • Aftertouch

    • Poly Pressure

    • Program Change

    • SysEx (System Exclusive) events

    • Continuous Controllers

    • Articulations/Dynamics

  7. Controller Lane Setup

    Contains setup functions for controller lanes, and allows you to add and organize presets.