Splitting Multi-Channel Audio Tracks

You can split multi-channel tracks, such as stereo or surround, into several mono tracks. This is useful if you want to use the tracks in an application that only supports mono tracks or if you want to edit individual channels of a multi-channel file.


  1. In the Project window, select the track that you want to split.
  2. Select Project > Convert Tracks > Multi-Channel to Mono.
  3. In the Split Multi-Channel to Mono dialog, make your changes and click OK.


  • The tracks are split into as many mono tracks as corresponds to the channel configuration of the source track.

  • All channel settings of the source tracks are copied to the tracks created by the split operation.

  • The multi-channel audio material of the source track is split into mono events, which are inserted on the new tracks.

  • In the Audio folder of the project, a subfolder called Split is created, which contains the new mono files.

  • If you split a stereo track, the resulting mono tracks are panned hard left and hard right, using the standard stereo panner.

  • If you split a multi-channel track and this track is routed to an output bus, a group channel, or an FX channel with corresponding child busses, all resulting mono tracks are routed to their assigned channels. Otherwise, the resulting mono tracks are panned to center.

  • If the channel configurations of the source track and the source file do not match because the multi-channel source track contains a mono file, for example, this mono file is copied onto the first 2 destination tracks. However, since panning information is not considered during the split, the volume of the new mono file may not correspond to that of the file on the original track.