Merging Mono Audio Tracks to Multi-Channel Tracks

You can convert mono tracks into multi-channel tracks to make editing and mixing more convenient.


  • Your project contains tracks with audio events that are not in Musical Mode.

  • The tracks fit evenly into a number of multi-channel files of the destination format.

  • The tracks reside on the same level in the track list, that is, either on the top level or within the same folder track.

  • The tracks match in terms of channel settings and automation.

    If the settings differ, the settings of the topmost track of each group are used.

    If the separate audio events have different volume envelopes, these are calculated into the new clip.

  • The level of the source events should not exceed 0 dB, otherwise clipping occurs in the created files. The only exception to this are files in 32-bit float format.


  1. Optional: Select the tracks that you want to convert in the Project window.
  2. Select Project > Convert Tracks > Mono to Multi-Channel.
  3. In the Merge Mono to Multi-Channel dialog, make your changes and click OK.


  • The tracks are converted into as many multi-channel tracks as corresponds to the destination format.

  • The names of the multi-channel tracks derive from the mono source tracks.


    The following naming rules apply:

    • If the track names of the source tracks end with a suffix separated by a space or a special character that indicates the corresponding speaker channel, for example, “_L” or “(L)” for the left channel, this suffix is removed for the multi-channel track name.

    • If the track names of the source tracks do not end with a channel suffix, the channel configuration of the multi-channel track is added to its name.

  • Events that have the same timeline position are converted into a multi-channel event on the new track.

  • If the lengths of the source events do not match exactly, the overlap is included in the new events.

  • In the Audio folder of the project, a subfolder called Merge is created which contains the new multi-channel files.


If the outputs of the mono tracks are routed to separate channels within one output bus, this bus is selected as output for the multi-channel track.