VST System Link

VST System Link is a digital audio network system that allows you to link several computers using digital audio hardware and cables.

Linking up 2 or more computers allows you to split different tasks and different tracks between different computers. You can run CPU-intensive processes, such as send effect plug-ins or VST instruments on one computer, and record audio tracks on another one.

VST System Link supplies transport and sync control, as well as up to 16 MIDI ports, with 16 channels each.

With VST System Link the signal is passed from one machine to the next, and eventually returns to the first machine.

For this to work, you need 2 or more computers that use the same or different operating systems, and for each computer in the network, the following:

  • Audio hardware with digital inputs and outputs and a specific ASIO driver.

    The same digital formats and connection types.

  • At least one digital audio cable, such as S/PDIF, ADAT, TDIF, or AES.

  • A VST System Link host application.


You might want to invest in a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switchbox. This allows you to use the same keyboard, monitor, and mouse to control each computer in the system, and to switch between computers very rapidly.