Lanes, Takes and Overlapping Events

In the following, we focus on cycle recordings with takes. However, you can also apply lane operations and comping methods on overlapping events or parts that you assemble on one track.

If you perform a cycle recording in the Keep History or Cycle History + Replace modes (audio) or in the Stacked or Mix-Stacked modes (MIDI), the recorded cycle laps are shown on the track with the last recorded take active and on top.

The Show Lanes mode gives you a good overview of all your takes. If you activate the Show Lanes button, the recorded takes are shown on separate lanes.

Lanes are handled differently, depending on whether you work with audio or MIDI:


As each audio track can only play back one single audio event at a time, you only hear the take that is activated for playback, for example, the last lap of a cycle recording.


Overlapping MIDI takes (parts) can be played back simultaneously. If you recorded in Mix-Stacked mode, you hear all takes from all cycle laps.

Lanes can be reordered, sized, and zoomed like regular tracks.

To solo a lane, you can activate the Solo button for it. This allows you to hear the lane in the project context. If you want to hear the take without the project context, you also have to activate the main track’s Solo button.