Correcting the Tempo Analysis Manually

If your music contains sections that are played in a different tempo or with special rhythmic characteristics, for example, you must adjust the tempo events manually.


You have analyzed your material and the Tempo Detection Panel is still open. The metronome click is activated.


  1. Play back the track with the analyzed material from the beginning and listen to the click.
  2. Optional: If you work with an audio event, zoom in on the waveform so that you can compare the transients with the tempo events on the tempo track.
  3. Optional: If the first tempo event that is not placed correctly is located at the beginning of the material, click the left arrow button on the Tempo Detection Panel to change the direction of the reanalysis.
  4. Select the Time Warp tool and move the first tempo event that is not placed correctly to the correct position.


The material is reanalyzed and the tempo recalculated.

After Completing This Task

Continue listening to the material and correcting tempo events until the end. Close the Tempo Detection Panel.


If your material includes multiple sections with different tempos, you can also split the material at each major tempo change and perform a tempo detection for every single resulting section. Each section must have a length of at least 7 seconds.