Setting up a Tempo Track from Tempo Detection

You can set up a complete tempo track using the result of a tempo detection for an audio event or a MIDI part.


  1. In the Project window, select the audio event or the MIDI part that you want to analyze.
  2. Select Project > Tempo Detection.
  3. On the Tempo Detection Panel, click Analyze.


  • A tempo track is added to the project. On the tempo track, tempo events are created based on the analysis for the selected audio event or MIDI part.

  • A signature track is added to the project. On the signature track, a signature event with the value 1/4 is added.

  • On the Project window toolbar, the Time Warp tool is selected.

After Completing This Task

Depending on the rhythmic quality of the material, the analysis may instantly lead to a perfect result. You can verify the quality of the analysis by activating the metronome click on the Transport panel, and playing back the project. To correct the result manually, use the functions on the Tempo Detection Panel.