Setting up a Tempo Track from Tapping

You can create a complete tempo track based on tapping the tempo of freely recorded audio or MIDI material.


You have opened a project with a freely recorded audio or MIDI file. You have added an instrument track and loaded an instrument. You have connected and set up a MIDI keyboard.


  1. In the instrument track Inspector, deactivate Toggle Time Base to set the track time base to linear.
  2. On the instrument track, activate Record Enable.
  3. On the Transport panel, activate Record.
  4. On the MIDI keyboard, tap the tempo by hitting a key to the beat of your music.
  5. Stop recording and play back the recorded MIDI notes together with the original recording to check if the timing is correct.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • Select the MIDI part in the Project window.

    • Open the MIDI part in the Key Editor and select the notes that you want to use for the calculation.

  7. Select MIDI > Functions > Merge Tempo From Tapping.
  8. Open the Tapping pop-up menu to specify what type of note you tapped during the recording.
  9. Optional: To start the calculation of the tempo curve at the beginning of a bar, activate Begin at Bar Start.
  10. Click OK.


The project tempo is set to the tapped tempo.

After Completing This Task

Open the Tempo Track Editor to see and edit the new tempo curve.