Auto Save

Cubase can automatically save backup copies of all open project files with unsaved changes.


Only the project files are backed up. If you want to include the files from the Pool and save your project in a different location, you must use the Back up Project function.

Cubase can automatically save backup copies of all open projects with unsaved changes. To set this up, activate the Auto Save option in the Preferences dialog (General page). The backup copies are named ā€œ<project name>-xx.bakā€ where xx is an incremental number. Unsaved projects are backed up in a similar way as ā€œUntitledX-xx.bakā€, with X being the incremental number for unsaved projects. All backup files are saved in the project folder.

  • To specify the time intervals in which a backup copy is created, use the Auto Save Interval setting.

  • To specify how many backup files are created with the Auto Save function, use the Maximum Backup Files option. When the maximum number of backup files is reached, the existing files are overwritten, starting with the oldest file.