Every time that you record on an audio track, a file is created on your hard disk. A reference to this file, a clip, is added to the Pool.

The following rules apply to the Pool:

  • All audio and video clips that belong to a project are listed in the Pool.

  • Every project has a separate Pool.

The way the Pool displays folders and their contents is similar to the way the File Explorer/macOS Finder displays folders and file lists. In the Pool, you can perform operations that affect files on disk and operations that only affect clips.

Operations That Affect Files

  • Importing clips (audio files can automatically be copied and/or converted)

  • Converting file formats

  • Renaming clips (this also renames the referenced files on disk) and regions

  • Deleting clips

  • Preparing file archives for backup

  • Minimizing files

Operations That Affect Clips

  • Copying clips

  • Auditioning clips

  • Organizing clips

  • Applying audio processing to clips

  • Saving or importing complete Pool files