Creating New Projects

You can create empty projects or projects that are based on a template.


  1. Select File > New Project.

    Depending on your settings, either the Hub or the Project Assistant dialog opens.

  2. In the location options section, select where to store the new project.
    • To use the default location, select Use default location.

    • To choose another location, select Prompt for project location.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • To create an empty new project, click Create Empty.

    • To create a new project from a template, select a template and click Create.


A new, untitled project is created. If you selected a template, the new project is based on this template and includes the corresponding tracks, events, and settings.


If you create an empty project, your default presets for the input and output bus configurations are applied. If you have not defined default presets, the last used configurations are applied.