Hub keeps you up to date with the latest information and assists you with organizing your projects.

To open the Hub, do one of the following:

  • Select Hub > Open Hub.

  • Select File > New Project.

News and Tutorials Section

The News and Tutorials section displays Steinberg news, tutorial videos as well as links to the user forum, downloads, and the Help Center.


Ensure that you have an active Internet connection to access this material.

Projects Section

The Projects section lets you create new projects, which can either be empty or based on a template. It lets you specify where to save the projects. It also allows you to access recently opened projects or projects that are stored in other locations. This section offers the same functionality as the Project Assistant dialog.

Category bar

In this section, the available factory templates are sorted into the predefined categories Recording, Scoring, Production, and Mastering.

The Recent category contains a list of the recently opened projects.

The More category contains the default project template and all templates that are not assigned to any of the other categories.

Template list

When you click on one of the category items, the list below the category bar shows the available templates for this category. Any new templates that you create are added at the top of the corresponding list.

Location options

This section allows you to specify where the project is stored.

Open Other

This button allows you to open any project file on your system. This is identical to using the Open command on the File menu.