Stereo to Mono

This plug-in allows you to mix a stereo signal down to a mono signal while being certain not to clip while mixing channels because of the multipass approach. You can choose to use the same peak level that the stereo file contains, or set the gain to be applied and/or the maximum level to be reached in the resulting mono file.

This multipass plug-in is exclusive to the Batch Processor window.

Keep Same Peak Level as Stereo File

If this option is activated, the peak level of the resulting mono file is the same as the peak level of the original stereo file.


Specifies the increase or decrease in peak level for the resulting mono file, in relation to the original stereo file.

Maximum Level of Mono Signal

Specifies the peak level that the resulting mono file must not exceed. This ensure that the output file never clips. This way, the result never exceeds 0 dB, regardless of the specified Gain value.